Friday, December 11, 2009

Raya Qurban @ caMbodia - 1

i have sOoo many things to write on this experience of mine.. its very interesting and.. and.. and.. i'll make it short and simple but meaningful for me..

me, mom (ibu) and granny (mak) departed on the 27th Nov 2009 with Air Asia to caMbodia.. its cheap!! ^_^ i followed a group of 17 ppl from Perkim Damansara.. i've joined perkim 'amal event' several time but only within Malaysia, so this is my first time going abroad with Perkim.. our mission was to do qurban, literally sembelih 103 cows in 5 villages for 17 villages, visit a few mosque sites (did some collection from malaysia for the mosques) and visit muslim villages.. it was a 7days trip.. at the beginning i felt like.. SEVEN DAYS??!! but then towards the end.. 7days wasn't enuff.. -_-

anyway, we went to phnom pehn, sihanouk veil, kampot keh, kampong cham and i will list the rest of places visited later and.. and.. and.. long story short.. these are the pix from the trip.. enjoy!

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