Friday, December 11, 2009

tick tick tick... 1st anniversary coMing up..!!

our 1st anniversary is just around the corner n i'v yet to decide what to give and how to celebrate.. i have a few ideas to celebrate.. i was thinking of something romantic; dinner cruise at putrajaya lake or dinner at Victoria Station.. hermm...(deciding)

have anyone gone on the cruise..?? how was it..? is it great experience or waste of money..? this is actuaLLy why i have not made any decision.. i want something reaLLy special and a moment to treasure and at the same time money worth.............not cheap but reasonable price (guiLty). I know in this matter i should not be counting penny but........ it does matter to me cause i dont like disappointment.. anyway, if anyone haf any great ideas please advice and share with me.. me nid heLp! -_-

celebrating is one matter.. gift is another matter.. i dont know why, but i always find it difficult to buy gift for guys.. i'm bored buying perfumes, wallet, watches, shirts and etc.. i want to buy something where he does not haf a clue at all and i want to see his face agog!! hehhe dat would be fun!!

to me creating your own greeting cards is more special and meaningful which also has a sentimental value.. i usually make my own greeting cards.. thats my speaciality *wiNks i do scrapbooking in my free time and i really enjoy it!! so i cant wait to create his birthday card!! ^_^ ermm.. did i mention that our anniversary also falls on his birthday..???!! (haihh.. major issue)


  1. How about a treasure hunt? Leave clues with answers related to you and about your relationship. Correct answers will lead to the big surprise of jemg jemg jeng...a box of his and your lingerie. Howzat?

    By the way orders for December dah tutup la dear. Sowee.

  2. its ok.. my fault to do it last minute.. hehehe.. by the way, grrrreaatt idea..!! that will definitely spice up our 1st anniversary!

    thanx kak wiz, ur brilliant!!