Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Raya Qurban @ caMbodia - 2

chiLdren of caMbodia.. if i was a weaLthy person.. i might adop one of these kids and give them the chance to be successful di dunia dan akhirat.... -_-

i have this soft spot in my heart where i.. i.. i.. i'm soft hearted and i reaLLy feel for them.. -_- (me being sensitive)

with LoTs of Love -khady-

my fewy fwen ^_^

my cute, furry and cuddLy fwen! one name chika a.ka. oyen and the other kenit (now not so much of a kenit anymore.. thinking of it he's onLy 5mnths and weight aLmost 7kg!) i fed them weLL ^_^

Thursday, December 17, 2009


i just received a genius idea from the 'whiz' (very genius of her...thanx!!) on how to celebrate my anniversary with xtra fun added!! the idea was to have a treasure hunt game between the 2 of us.. how?? weLL i have to create questions which leave clues with answers related to me and our relationship. Correct answers will lead to the big surprise of jeng jeng jeng... ^_^ So now i have to create a few questions and............ i still need a few more butttttt............... i'v run out of ideas!!! this is due to my excitement!! damn m over acting!! i need to stay calm and get going with the questions.. any ideas??? (its cheating.. but sometimes cheating can lead us to success.. hehehe)

excited and nervous and.... and.... and.... m stiLL out of ideas..... -_-

Friday, December 11, 2009

tick tick tick... 1st anniversary coMing up..!!

our 1st anniversary is just around the corner n i'v yet to decide what to give and how to celebrate.. i have a few ideas to celebrate.. i was thinking of something romantic; dinner cruise at putrajaya lake or dinner at Victoria Station.. hermm...(deciding)

have anyone gone on the cruise..?? how was it..? is it great experience or waste of money..? this is actuaLLy why i have not made any decision.. i want something reaLLy special and a moment to treasure and at the same time money worth.............not cheap but reasonable price (guiLty). I know in this matter i should not be counting penny but........ it does matter to me cause i dont like disappointment.. anyway, if anyone haf any great ideas please advice and share with me.. me nid heLp! -_-

celebrating is one matter.. gift is another matter.. i dont know why, but i always find it difficult to buy gift for guys.. i'm bored buying perfumes, wallet, watches, shirts and etc.. i want to buy something where he does not haf a clue at all and i want to see his face agog!! hehhe dat would be fun!!

to me creating your own greeting cards is more special and meaningful which also has a sentimental value.. i usually make my own greeting cards.. thats my speaciality *wiNks i do scrapbooking in my free time and i really enjoy it!! so i cant wait to create his birthday card!! ^_^ ermm.. did i mention that our anniversary also falls on his birthday..???!! (haihh.. major issue)

Raya Qurban @ caMbodia - 1

i have sOoo many things to write on this experience of mine.. its very interesting and.. and.. and.. i'll make it short and simple but meaningful for me..

me, mom (ibu) and granny (mak) departed on the 27th Nov 2009 with Air Asia to caMbodia.. its cheap!! ^_^ i followed a group of 17 ppl from Perkim Damansara.. i've joined perkim 'amal event' several time but only within Malaysia, so this is my first time going abroad with Perkim.. our mission was to do qurban, literally sembelih 103 cows in 5 villages for 17 villages, visit a few mosque sites (did some collection from malaysia for the mosques) and visit muslim villages.. it was a 7days trip.. at the beginning i felt like.. SEVEN DAYS??!! but then towards the end.. 7days wasn't enuff.. -_-

anyway, we went to phnom pehn, sihanouk veil, kampot keh, kampong cham and i will list the rest of places visited later and.. and.. and.. long story short.. these are the pix from the trip.. enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009


cane nak meramaikan ago org kat dalam blog nieh eyh.. heLp!! huhuhu.. reaLLy enjoy dooing this bLog butttt..... -_- hermmmm..

Friday, November 20, 2009

weddiNg pix

27 December 2008 - Nikah - Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah

29 December 2008 - Reception - Dewan Perdana Felda

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nEw chaPteR of a nEw bEginNInG

erm.. where shaLL i start.. erm.. so maNy thiNgs to shaRe..

eRm.. ok! i'LL take the moSt receNt oNe, weLL not sO receNt but... i wouLd say it as a new chaPteR of a nEw beggiNing....... for mE!! hehehee.. here it goes....

i "jUst" got married to my hubby, Mr. Aizuddin LaSt deCember. teLL yOu weddiNg is headache, eXhaustiNg aNd sumtiMes heartache.. it couLd drive you up the waLL insaNeLy!! (aLmost LiteraLLy goNe nutts!) my hubby is not a LaSt minute person so we had a year ahead start for our weddiNg preparatioN.. wE haNdLe tHe wedDiNg mOstLy aLL by oUrseLves.. bOth oF uS wIth 1st tiMe xpeRieNce..

sO we've been doIng a Lot oF reseaRchs.. fLippiNg frOm oNe mags to aNotheR.. piCture cuttiNg aNd sHoRt LiSt tHe paper cuTTiNg before coMpiLiNg it iNto oUr bLacK bOoK. whiLe doiNg the research, we weNt scoutiNg arouNd aNd aroUnd (for god knows how LoNg) for reasoNabLe priCe, reLiabLe, comMitted aNd freNdLy veNdor for the eNtiRe eveNt.. (2 eVeNts, damn tiriNg aNd exhausted!!) aNd we managed to fiNd a fEw to sHoRt LiSt.. tHere's sO maNy vEndoRs out there aNd iTs reaLLy haRd to maKe a fIrm desicion oN what wE wAnt, becoz they haVe sO maNy offers..
sO kepaDa kaWaN-kaWan yg nk kahwIn tuh.. dO your research first aNd know your rights aS the cuStomer/bRide to be.. huhuhu.. i'v beEn thRu gud aNd bad xperieNce wiTh tHe vEndoRs.. iTs a heLL of aN expeRieNce i teLL yOu!! bUt iT paId oFF.. ^_^ hehehehee...

aNyway.. wE did a coMbiNed wedDiNg bcoz boTh oF uS R frOm kL.. sOLemnization wAs heLd oN the 27.12.2008 (aizuddiNs biRthday) aT suLtan Hj. aHmad ShaH MosQue (MasJid UIAM, gOmbaK) aNd oUr reCeptIoN diNnEr was oN the 29.12.2008 (awaL mUhaRam) aT dEwAn PerDaNa FeLda. sYukuR aLhaMduLiLLah, eVeRythiNg wEnt accOrdIng aS pLaNNed.. iT was a dReam coMe tRue aNd tHe mOst happieSt day of my nEw chapter!! ^_^

mE, mySeLf aNd i

i'v been meaNing to cReate this bLog for god knows how LoNg aLready aNd now i fiNaLLy maNaged to do sO!..

hehehee.. oopsS sorry, got carried away tiLL forgot tO intRoduce myseLf.. ^_^ i'm khadijah aNd u guys can caLL me khady.. i reaLLy hope i'LL enjoy my experieNce with this bLog thiNgy n hope guys can give me gud tips for me tO eNjoy thIs ride.. hehehe..

teNkiEw ^_^

thIs bLog thiNgy is very very new tO me aNd i'm not famiLiar with the fuNction yet.. LuckLy i haf my beStfweNd fiza to heLped me out and literaLLy gave bLog tutoRiaL.. hehehe.. (me kiNda seNgaL)

m a bit sLow wIth these onLiNe thiNg.. but once i get the hang of it....... ^_^

Saturday, October 31, 2009

weLcoMe to khady's chock-a-bLock

hye guys aNd weLcome to khady's chock-a-bLock!

FinaLLy i managed to create a bLog for me to share my thoughts and hopefuLLy create more friendship!

need to get famiLiar with tHe fuNctions -_- .. daMn!! m excited to do thIs bLog but m beIng Limited to do sO due to my seNgaLness.. -_- huhuhuuu..

**heLp puhhhweaseee..